Saturday, March 8, 2008

Call of Duty 4

Ultimate Domination Strategy Call of Duty 4
Domination is one of my favorite Call of Duty 4 game modes. It is team oriented, requires communication, and can come down to the last minute. Most people that play domination rush to the first flag, and then go to the middle flag. The problem with this is that if you are killed quickly, the enemy can easily capture the flag, or they can capture the flag near your spawn point. The key to winning this game mode in Call of Duty 4 is to quickly convert the control point near your spawn, and then go in between the first and middle control point. Take cover, and wait. You should be able to easily kill players that are rushing to control the middle control point. Once you kill them, don't capture the flag yet. The best weapons available in Call of Duty 4 are the helicopter and the air strike. This is the core of this strategy. You want to stay partially hidden while you wait for your eager opponents to run out into the open, and then kill them from afar. The air strike and the helicopter in Call of Duty 4 are amazing tools in domination because they allow you to advance on a flag with additional support. If your team mates can get UAV's and air strikes also, make sure you coordinate them together to create a constant strike on the control points. Using this strategy to control two of the way points. I have been experimenting with different strategies for Call of Duty 4 and I think that it is best to split your team between any two of the way points and just forget about the third one. If you start chasing your own tail, you will find that it is easy to get shot in the back. I hate it when I am playing Call of Duty 4 and my team mates advance too far, causing the spawn points to switch, and causing me to get shot in the back. I think the best strategy for any map is to either focus on controlling the middle, or controlling the perimeter. This works well for Team Deathmatch as well as domination. If you want to control the middle, you should control way points B and one other. If you want to control the perimeter, you should control way points A and C. Please check back tomorrow for more Call of Duty 4 info. Remember to use this strategy, and you will be one step closer to mastering Call of Duty 4